How much do extracurriculars matter when applying for a job?

As we begin a new semester and a new recruiting season there are many of you wondering how to balance good grades/extracurriculars/family/friends. Should you strictly focus on academics? Joining a club will probably be fun, but it might be a lot of work, and the real question is: will it help you get a job

Over the next few weeks our team will review hundreds of candidates in search of new management consultants. This year I’ve been volun-told to head up our resume screening team and I have learned some very interesting things about what we look for in a candidate for management consulting and I’d like to share some of that information with you:

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Building Credibility


Why do we all listen when someone like Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffet speaks? Why are you reading this blog right now? It’s because the speaker is credible.

Credibility is a powerful tool in life and in presentations — if people perceive you to be a credible authority on a topic, they will listen attentively, ask engaging questions, and overall make your job on stage much easier. In life, credibility gives you access to better jobs, higher pay, and generally more options.

Most new grads complain that it’s hard to get good jobs because they don’t have experience, but actually experience is interchangeable with credibility, and believe it or not, there are lots of ways to gain credibility: Continue reading

Interview Tips


Interviews are the ultimate challenge in presenting. You are in essence presenting yourself, but you are not in control! It’s almost like a texas style presentation with no protected time. So how can you control the interview and present yourself in the best light?

Thanks to my cover letter, I’ve recently had the chance to go to a lot of interviews. And one thing I can say for sure is that there is no substitute for experience. I can honestly say every interview I did was better than the last. And although I may not be an expert on interviews, I have made some major blunders/discoveries which I would like to share with you.

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The Alberta Energy Challenge 2013: Keynotes

AEC Opening

As many of you know, I recently had the pleasure of hosting the Alberta Energy Challenge along with my Co-Chair and the top notch AEC Organizing Committee.

Over the course of 5 days we had the pleasure of watching some great presentations and a couple of amazing keynote speakers: Ken Chapman and Don Swystun. I really wish we had recorded their speeches. Though they had vastly different styles, they both had one thing in common: They were both engaging speakers!

For this post I’m going to compare both of their speaking styles and identify what makes them such engaging speakers!

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Audience Engagement Tricks

Aaleem Presenting - Cropped

Yesterday I presented my final project as a summer student at Cenovus — after the presentation, one of the senior guys on my team (his name is Oz) came up to me and said: “I never realized how much of an art form presenting could be! That was AMAZING!”

Those of you that know me are probably aware of my skills as a presenter. For those of you that don’t I’ll give you a brief introduction:

My name is Aaleem Jiwa and I am a 4th year finance student at the University of Alberta. But my real claim to fame is case competitions! Since 2011 I’ve participated in 12 case competitions and won 5 with top 3/finalist positions in 4 more.

So back to my story. After congratulating me, Oz asked me how I learned to present so well, and I told him: “its all about the tricks!” And I’m going to share some of my favorite tricks with you today!

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