My name is Aaleem Jiwa and I have made a name for myself by being a great presenter! My journey started at a young age when my parents put me into after-school acting classes: I played Bilbo Baggins in a stage version of “The Hobbit”, Puck in Will Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Nights Dream” and many others.

My experience on the stage prepared me well for my commerce degree at the University of Alberta. I instantly took a liking to presenting and to case competitions in general. A case competition is when you are given a 5-20 page document outlining a problem that a company has. You are then given between 3 – 36 hours to prepare a 20 minute powerpoint presentation outlining your “solution”.

Case competitions have led to some very interesting opportunities. I was invited to present one of our solutions at the Oil Sands Innovation Conference (http://vimeo.com/57109421). And from the same competition I was offered (and accepted) a job with Cenovus’ venture capital fund.

Today I work as a Sr. Consultant for Deloitte in Edmonton where I wear two hats: the first is to service our clients by helping them make better decisions around their real estate portfolios, and the second is my work with Deloitte’s innovation team in building a platform for the creation and distribution of engaging, immersive, digital business content.

Warm regards,

Aaleem Jiwa


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