Your 1st day on the job


First impressions are super important. Particularly on your first day at a new job. Here are some tips and tricks to help you impress on your first day:

1. Be prepared
Physically make sure you are well groomed and well rested. Mentally ensure that you are ready to talk to people… Your first day is essentially another jobĀ  interview! People that you’ve never met, but will be working with, will be assessing you. Make sure you are ready to answer questions about your background, why you want to work there, and what you hope to accomplish.

2. Thank the person that hired you
Almost certainly there was one person that made the final decision to hire you. Make sure you seek out that person and thank them for the opportunity.

3. Get there early
Plan your route ahead of time and prepare to be there 30 mins early. This will give you plenty of cushion in case of delays, and you can always grab a coffee before work if you have time.

I used these tips and tricks on my first day on the job and things went really well! I’ve already been tagged as being professional and a go-getter.

Remember, a first impression is a presentation. So make your next first impression into a master piece!


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