Benefits of joining case competitions — and how to get picked!

I’m sure many of you at the University of Alberta have recently received an email from our case competitions director Doug Leong. For those of you at other Universities, I’m sure you also have received or heard about case competitions.

I am a huge fan of case competitions! The benefits and opportunities that stem from them are endless! In today’s post I’m going to talk a little bit about the benefits as well as how to get picked!

1. Getting a Job
The most valuable part of going to case competitions is the ability to make contacts to get a job! I’ve met CEOs and fund managers a plenty. I was even offered a job at H&M in their Montreal headquarters.

Make sure you meet all the judges. Get their cards. And add to LinkedIn!

2. Presentation Experience
My tips and tricks aside — there is no substitute for experience. And if you lose in an early round, make sure you stay for the finals! Ask the winners for tips, take notes, and vow to win next time!

3. Best way to get picked? Talk to the man!
At my school, there are two people who make the decisions: undergrad dean & case competitions director.

Although selection criteria may vary, you’ll never know till you ask!

So if you are at the University of Alberta, go talk to Doug. His office is on the 2nd floor and he’s always got time for visitors!

IMHO case competitions are the most valuable part of my business school experience. The contacts and skills I’ve developed go farther beyond the classroom than any class or club can give me. And its a tonne of fun too!

So remember: presenting is an art form! So turn your next presentation into a masterpiece!

Warm regards,

Aaleem Jiwa


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