Texas Style

“Texas Style” is a unique format of case competition presentations which has been likened to a board room. 2 minute intro, 20 minutes Q&A, 3 minute conclusion. Sound scary? Well it is!

As many of you know I am the Co-Chair of the Alberta Energy Challenge (AEC). AEC 2013 is a case competition that takes place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the University of Alberta. It brings together teams from all over North America to talk about current issues in energy. Teams get 36 hours to put together a presentation to solve a 1 or 2 page case.

One thing that seems to stump some teams time and time again is the Texas Style format. How on earth does a team prepare a PowerPoint slide deck for 20 minutes of open Q&A?!?!

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The Perfect Cover Letter


A cover letter is the ultimate presentation. It needs to be a stand alone piece of work: introducing yourself and why you fit the job your are apply for perfectly. And it also needs to fit well with your résumé: providing a proper introduction to it.

Most importantly though, it needs to spark interest in the reader. Interest enough that they want to read your résumé and hopefully, talk to you.

Some hiring managers go straight for the résumé, rendering your cover letter useless. But many do the opposite: opting to read ONLY your cover letter.

I’ve been working on cover letters pretty diligently for the last few weeks, and have got some good feedback on it! I got interviews with both Scotia Bank and BMO Investment Banking and both sets of interviewers complimented me on my cover letter! So today I want to share with you some tips and tricks along with links of where I stole them from!

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Benefits of joining case competitions — and how to get picked!

I’m sure many of you at the University of Alberta have recently received an email from our case competitions director Doug Leong. For those of you at other Universities, I’m sure you also have received or heard about case competitions.

I am a huge fan of case competitions! The benefits and opportunities that stem from them are endless! In today’s post I’m going to talk a little bit about the benefits as well as how to get picked!

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Overcoming Nervousness


One of the biggest problems most new presenters have is the issue of nerves. Nerves make you talk too fast, forget what you mean to say, and at the worst, can even make you freeze up.

Believe it or not, even I get nervous sometimes! But thanks to a few easy tricks I tend to recover quickly enough that no one notices. And I’m going to share those tricks with you today!

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