How to effectively chair a meeting

Having worked on a variety of projects over the last year I have had the opportunity to witness multiple styles of meetings. The best ones were always well chaired. Someone was in charge and they were *good* at chairing meetings. Recently I was selected to chair a pretty important regular meeting for one of our projects and I wanted to do a great job!

The ability to effectively chair a meeting is a very underrated skill to have — it’s actually really easy to chair a meeting with a few simple guidelines — and it will make you look amazing if you do it right.

After a few experiences, some research, and some great advice I have come up with a list of tips and tricks to help you do a great job of chairing your next meeting!

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How much do extracurriculars matter when applying for a job?

As we begin a new semester and a new recruiting season there are many of you wondering how to balance good grades/extracurriculars/family/friends. Should you strictly focus on academics? Joining a club will probably be fun, but it might be a lot of work, and the real question is: will it help you get a job

Over the next few weeks our team will review hundreds of candidates in search of new management consultants. This year I’ve been volun-told to head up our resume screening team and I have learned some very interesting things about what we look for in a candidate for management consulting and I’d like to share some of that information with you:

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Writing the perfect thank-you after your interview


Every email, every report, every memo that you write is a presentation. One piece of writing that can really determine your future, is the ever challenging thank-you note: After you’ve written the perfect cover letter and resume, made a great first impression and aced the interview, you have one more chance to make it or break it!

Recently, I’ve been on the other side of the table, interviewing new grads for jobs as management consultants. And the other day I received the best follow up email, maybe in the history of thank-you notes! In fact it was so good, it turned an average candidate into an amazing one.

So what is the best way to send up a follow up note? Keep reading for some tips and tricks!

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How to give constructive feedback

April 01, 2010


We are often put in situations where we have to give people around us some feedback. It might be a co-worker asking for help on a paper, or it could be something you would like to tell a loved one.

But I frequently see people doing it wrong! In the end feedback is supposed to help the person do a better job next time around. I have been using the “sandwich” method for most of my adult life and I’d like to share it with you today! Continue reading

Building Credibility


Why do we all listen when someone like Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffet speaks? Why are you reading this blog right now? It’s because the speaker is credible.

Credibility is a powerful tool in life and in presentations — if people perceive you to be a credible authority on a topic, they will listen attentively, ask engaging questions, and overall make your job on stage much easier. In life, credibility gives you access to better jobs, higher pay, and generally more options.

Most new grads complain that it’s hard to get good jobs because they don’t have experience, but actually experience is interchangeable with credibility, and believe it or not, there are lots of ways to gain credibility: Continue reading